Series: ILE RPG IV in Easy Bytes

ILE RPG in Easy Bytes

The ILE RPG in Easy Bytes  series is a complete ILE RPG (aka RPG IV) programming self-guided tutorial. This track is appropriate for programmers who need an introduction to the RPG IV language syntax.

No previous knowledge of RPG is required. Previous knowledge of another computer language may be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course comprises the following units. Select any unit below for details about individual course content and pricing:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Database Concepts
  3. Declarations
  4. Program Workflow
  5. Numeric Operations
  6. Character Data
  7. Dates
  8. Database File Operations
  9. Embedded SQL
  10. Arrays
  11. Handling Errors
  12. Calling Programs
  13. Procedures
  14. Service Programs
  15. Interactive Programs
  16. Subfiles

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The membership will automatically enroll you in all the units in the series, plus this Members Only Bonus: ILE RPG Reference Links.

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