SQL for RPG Programmers

SQL for RPG ProgrammersStructured Query Language (SQL) is playing an ever-increasing IBM i role in enterprise database design, supplanting legacy DDS. This course shows you how to use industry-standard SQL Data Definition Language to build an IBM i database. In addition, it covers retrieving, analyzing, manipulating, and modifying your data using SQL Data Manipulation Language. The course will also cover embedding SQL statements into your ILE RPG programs to add the power of SQL to your RPG applications.


This course is appropriate for experienced ILE RPG (RPG IV) programmers interested in learning how to embed SQL statements in an ILE RPG program. The course assumes you are already familiar with free format ILE RPG.

If you are not familiar with current ILE RPG syntax, you may find the ILE RPG in Easy Bytes series more appropriate. That series also includes information, albeit somewhat less detailed, about embedded SQL.

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